The Kids’ War Game Zone Venue: Great Family Bonding

What is the most exciting activity today? Will it be an outdoor activity or simply going out for travel? Well, all these ideas can be unsafe, especially for today’s global situation. Everyone can be at risk of the pandemic and it is not advised to go out more often, especially to crowded places.

War Zone is offering the safest and brilliant idea to have fun while keeping everyone safe from the threat of COVID-19. Why not battle against the family member in the wargame zone and not battling the virus outdoors? The indoor game is indoor play for kids and adults. Everyone is welcome to experience the wargame zone to try something new.

What is inside the wargame zone?

It has a game space wherein players can roam around. It is the war base where players hide, seek, capture, and hostage. But, it is for gameplay purposes. There is no harm in the game since everyone is coached. Before the game starts, everyone is coached on what to do in the game.

The battleground is where the game takes place. There are spaces provided for the battle area. So, you will be guided and instructed on where to go. But, new players in this new adventure should take the coaching lessons before instantly engaging in the battleground.

Kids from 3 ages to 12 can experience the game designed for them. There are several game modes offered according to age. So, if you are 12 years old or above, airsoft is the perfect game for you. In fact, companies choose to have this game mode for team-building purposes. 

What is the price?

The hong kong wargame price is very affordable and suitable for your budget. Become a member in the wargame zone and avail less. The price is per game session. You will have three different sessions: 2-hour, 3-hour, and 4-hour.

These prices are very good since it caters to several players. Therefore, if it is team building, you can probably save much. It accommodates a number of people per session, which is fun and exciting. The experience will never be boring and a great time to save.

The entire game is recorded and captured by a high-resolution web camera. If you want to watch the replay of your gameplay, then you can have the soft copy from the admin. It is also provided when you ask them to have it. It is perfect memorabilia for you.

The indoor wargame will remind you that this is not just good family bonding but also a perfect shot for a team-building experience. Let your kids feel a realistic war game with no harm but only fun and adventure. Become a member to avail much lesser price.