The greatest achievement is that AMD places its record in Guinness World Record in Texas on 31st August 2011. Their Record is the Highest frequency of a computer processor of 8.429 GHz. At that moment the share value of Nasdaq: AMD at raises to the peak and achieves the greatest height. It runs 8 core FX to 8150 processor with active module and liquid helium.

In 2012, their other achievement is on conflict minerals and rated AMD as the fifth progressive of 24 consumer electronic Companies.


They collaborated with many companies and dealers to raise the standard of their company. The team of AMD focuses only on the progress of the company so they join hands with many people to improve their success. At first, they initiated with Alpha Processor Inc. in the process of Hyper Transport. Secondly, they dealt with IBM for Silicon Insulator manufacturing Technology which extended 32nm and 22nm fabrication of technology. Third, they joined HP, DELL, ASUS, ACER and Microsoft for sales and microprocessor distribution. The fourth person is Fujitsu for the supply of standalone semiconductor devices only for the flash memory.

Fifth they merged with three companies like Xboxone, Sony Playstation4 and Nintendo Wii U for cross-platform development of PCs and other products. Sixthly they moved to Hindustan Semiconductors Manufacturing Corporation to trade in India. AMD is a member of the HSA foundation to use CPU and Graphics processor intended with Heterogeneous System Architecture. In 2016 they made a joint venture in China to produce an x86 server. In 2019, they collaborated with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Cray Inc. to progress the frontier exascale supercomputer. Recently in 2020 made collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and HPE to develop the exascale supercomputer (EI Caption). From 2020 they made a venture with Microsoft and Sony.


Their current APU and CPU products are Athlon, A-Series, G-Series, Ryzen, Ryzenthredripper, R-Series, Epyc and Opteron. Graphic products are Radeon, Mobility Radeon, Radeon Instinct, Radeon pro. Technological products include HyperTransport and Infinity Fabric. Graphic Technology products include AMD Eyefinity, AMD Freesync, AMD TrueAudio, AMD connect, AMD Crossfire, Unified Video Decoder, Video Coding Engine.


Some of the software included are AMD catalyst, AMDGPU, AMDuProf, AOCC, AMD Stream SDK, AMD APP SDK, AMD CodeXI, Coreboot, AMD Performance Library, open 64 compilers, Light Weight Profiling, SSE5 and SIMFIRE.

Embedded Graphics

Embedded Graphics also used by AMD from casinos to healthcare in industrial machines. They need RAM and GPU to made a multi-Chip module. In 2008, they offered the embedded GPU’S with E2400. Then it is regularly updated in the years of the lineup from 2009 to 2016. It shows their development in GPU. AMD is a developing company that aims to produce many products for the benefit of humans worldwide. Before investing, you can check more stocks like nasdaq mfnc at