About Mr. Electric company

Mr. Electric is a company that provides electrical contractors for installing the best electrical conveyance provided at home. The best part of Mr. Electric companies is available when one needs them and are sincere and committed to refurbishing the home with the best electrical connections.

Services offered by Mr. Electric company


New electrical circuit connections can be offered at the best rate from Mr. Electric company. They can buy wires, circuits, pipes for new installation. They can also do well-fitted earth connections. The wires are connected in such a way that they transform electricity without harming the outer environment. They are the best electrical service in Savannah, GA, to provide child safety electrical connections.


Mr. Electric chooses the best lighting sources for installation. They provide incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, Halogen lamps, metal halide lamps, light-emitting diodes, fluorescent tubes, neon lamps, etc. They install incandescent lamps for hotels. Light-emitting diodes and neon lamps are mounted in houses. There are even halogen lamps that can be installed perfectly at homes.

Electrical safety

Electrical safety can be ensured by following the below.

  • By twisting the electrical wires
  • Putting off all the electrical power buttons and then starting the connection
  • Straightening cables before installing them
  • Grounding all connections further will help to install electricity safely.

When connections are done safely, then the connection is safe and secure at home. In industries, connections are done widely so that the cables can absorb a large amount of electricity that is passing through.

Bulb replacement

Bulb replacements are done to replace bulbs. Bulb replacement is essential when there is a need for an emergency. Bulbs can be of different types starting from incandescent bulbs to light-emitting diodes. If there is a problem with bulbs, the replacement will be done by electrical contractors from Mr. Electric.

Retrofit lightning

Retrofitting is replacing old lights and electric wires with updated wiring systems according to the latest technology. As lights and their power diminish as time passes, electrical contractors need to do retrofitting.


Get the best electrical service in Savannah, GA, from Mr. Electric for any electrical problem.