The education landscape has greatly transformed and more than ever online learning has become a critical component in the education system. With these changes Jocelyn Tuition centre has also stepped up its digital efforts by offering live online Chinese class to all its Secondary and Junior College students in Singapore.

Online Chinese tuition at Jocelyn centre.

Guided by their fundamental vision of ‘Dream. Strive. Inspire’, they have continually evolved to address existing learning gaps-keeping them on top of the education system. They have fused established strategies into their lessons. Students enrolled in their online Chinese tuition class sit through a coherent, broad and integrated class aimed at igniting scholarly enthusiasm within to achieve their maximum potential.

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition centre has a unique approach to online Chinese tuition Singapore which aims at building intrinsic motivation to learners. They go beyond mere theory in their online session. By integrating relevant content from Chinese Classics, Literature and current affairs into their lesson discussions, learners get to not only think critically but also be able to apply learning to real-world context.

Their team of experienced and MOE-trained Chinese tutors in Singapore employs a blend of formula-like thinking models, exam strategies and bit-sized assessment to achieve the maximum learning potential of their students. With the majority of their students coming from an English speaking households they have taken a bilingual approach in their online Chinese tuition class with English serving as a bridge of understanding.

Moreover learners have access to thousands of learning materials available and easily accessible. Utilised materials during online chinese tuition singapore are systematically uploaded onto their online resource centre, the students can utilize the materials at their own given time. This enables self-paced learning among learners, while eliminating the time pressure that exists during live lessons. With this learners are empowered with individualized learning. Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centre is the best place if you are looking to complement virtual lessons with your offline learning experience.