The checkerboard pattern can be often utilized as a border and also as a floor design or on a game table for the usage in chess and checkers as well. For both, the technique is equal, but the colours and scale will differ. You can just pick a couple of colours that ensemble your project. Mostly, the red and black or black and white are classic checkerboard colours. However for a beautiful floor pattern, dual muted hues in a similar colour family can make a cemented look. Even though, the couple of bright colours in an unanticipated arrangement will include rhythmic fun to the playroom. When it comes to know how to paint checkerboard pattern, below are simple steps to be followed such as:

  • Initially, you have to paint the full surface by using lighter colour paint. Then, let it dry fully.
  • Calculate the item that you are painting to decide the squares size you want. In fact, the tiny items always seem great with a little pattern, while the bigger wall or floor is greatly matched to a big scale pattern. However, separate the space equally among the preferred amount of squares, if you do not even require incomplete squares on corners.
  • Then, mark the dignified squares by using a chalk line and break it to make the plumb lines. Also, line each other square with an adhesive tape of painter.
  • Next, you have to paint within the tape squares of a painter by using darker paint colour. Then, let it to dry slightly and remove the tape carefully. After, touch up the corners as required with a straightedge and a trivial brush.
  • Finally, you can add a shielded urethane coat to a completely dried surface, if it would be deeply used with the game table or a floor.