The classic engagement ring: the solitaire!

A solitaire is a ring, generally in gold ( white , yellow or pink ), on which a central gem is set. The solitaire rings are therefore characterized by the presence of a single stone, unlike the trilogy which are decorated with three stones diamond engagement rings singapore.

Usually a drop, heart or princess cut diamond is preferred but, depending on the purchase occasions , you can opt for a zircon or other precious stones. The solitaire with diamond is the most traditional and the most meaningful and can be presented in different carats from the smallest to the most precious.

The meanings of the solitaire engagement ring

What is the meaning of the solitaire ring? Since ancient times (the use of the solitaire as an engagement ring dates back to the fifteenth century) the diamond has been the symbol of eternal love : precious, resistant and difficult to scratch like the love that this jewel enshrines.

Giving a solitaire as a gift therefore demonstrates the boundless love that one feels one’s partner, the infinite union , “forever”.

How to choose a Solitaire ring

In addition to the symbolic and romantic meaning as an engagement ring, buying a diamond and gold jewel is still an investment commensurate with the initial cost. As for the trilogy ring, it is important to evaluate the quality of your purchase on the basis of the preciousness of the materials it is made of:

GEMS : it is important to be sure of the quality of the gem set in the solitaire.