It is called Sour Diesel and is one of the most sought after and appreciated marijuana varieties in the world, characterized by a very particular aroma and excellent yield, with excellent quality inflorescences. In this guide, we start to discover it cbd flower.

Sour Diesel, a sativa with a spicy scent, similar to diesel

Cannabis enthusiasts know it very well: even its name alone evokes very specific and peculiar sensations. This is because Sour Diesel is a variety not only part of the most known and loved cannabis varieties in the world, but is also characterized by typical peculiarities that make it immediately recognizable hemp cbd flower.

High Times placed her in the top 25 strains of cannabis from all over the world and has stated that they have every intention of keeping it in the rankings forever.

Like all variety of marijuana “Legendary”, even Sour Diesel can boast a mysterious origin which is the subject of heated debate among its admirers. Sure, she was born on the east coast of the United States , but there is some uncertainty about her ancestors.

Some argue that Sour Diesel is simply a different phenotype of the Diesel variety, while others say it is the result of crossing the Diesel variety and the strain. Northern Light, but there are also those who put Shiva and a touch of Hawaiian genetics in the family tree of this much famous and loved variety.

What is certain is that we are talking about a dominant strain sativa: to be exact, it expresses an excellent balance between 70% sativa and indicate to 30%.