It is no secret how engaging Telugu movies and web series are. It is very well known that the masses love Telugu movies and Telugu web series or shows due to the excellent plot and versatile acting they offer. Lack of entertainment is not their characteristic. But due to the pandemic, theaters and cinema halls are highly affected. With the world at a halt, entertainment seemed impossible. The rising of OTT platforms came as blessings by bringing joy and fun even in lockdowns and curfews. Watching Telugu web series online along with Telugu movies became possible by OTT platforms like Aha. Aha, owned by Arha Media & Broadcasting Private Limited, is a platform where one can find various Telugu content to watch. Watching the Telugu web series online at your comfort only requires a device, internet connection, and few clicks. With the increasing number of users and subscribers, Aha has shown why it is a preferred choice when watching Telugu web series online or Telugu movies online.

Several mind-blowing web series are streaming on Aha. Some of them are CommitMental and KothaPorodu. These web series have managed to gather love from the audience and get the highest ratings of all time.

Commitmental is a romantic comedy. It is directed by PavanSadineni and is a remake of the Hindi web series Permanent Roommates. It is Aha’s original, released on the 13th of November, 2020. With UdhbavRaghunandan and PunarnaviBhupalam as the main leads, the story is about long-distance lovers Anu and Phani. Phani being too keen to settle and marry, makes a surprise visit and proposes to Anu for marriage. Anu fears commitment and is not ready to marry yet. Various events unfold in their lives, leading to unforeseen circumstances. It is fun to watch the lives of Anu and Phani as if they are on a roller coaster ride.

KothaPorodu is another refreshing story. Released on the 26th of January, 2020, KothaPorodu is a story of a small village boy who suddenly left with all the responsibilities after his father’s demise. The unpaid debts of his father fall on his shoulders, due to which he leaves the village to earn and pay back the debts. In the city, he meets a filmmaker and tries his luck in the industry. Also, the web series shows the love angle of Raju’s life. The main leads have very well portrayed the role, and the story has native attributes, be it dialogues or accents, making it more realistic and gripping.

Such exciting stories and great acting readily available on Aha are something no one should miss upon. Quality content and unique concepts have always been features of the Telugu web series. On Aha, one can watch the Telugu web series online without irritating ads as Aha believes in user satisfaction and comfort. Undisturbed entertainment in ample is what Aha provides. So what is the wait for! Watch Telugu web series online, some for free, and for more, subscribe now!