Since 1956, Chambrelan has designed, developed, and provided thousands of significant duty drawer slides and bearing guide rails, for industrial instrumentation makers.

This slippery system is used as drawer slide, hanging rail, door slide, keyboard drawer, handling rail, article of furniture slide, telescopic tracks, telescopic table slides, horizontal guides, or in some cases, in vertical guiding as for a canopy steering.

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Chambrelan makes a specialty of the planning and manufacture of straightforward (non-grinded) bearing drawer tracks for tightened industrial applications. With significant duty slides, bolstered bearings slides, specific or long telescopic slides, slides or slides of bearing drawers, slide rail door, telescopic table, seat slide, single drawer, ball rails, single runner, double runner, metallic element runner, stainless-steel runner, and steel runner.

Chambrelan is continually processing and developing their producing experience in line with business changes, creating the U.S. one amongst the main player for significant duty slippery systems. The company was founded in the year 1886, the most activity of Halm’s was dealings tarpaulins to the port authority.

Chambrelan switched its activity to the assembly of bearing slides. The primary slide made was the RA5. Mr. Couppey bought the shares of the Chambrelan close corporation in 1965. Since then, a member of the Couppey family has managed Chambrelan SA. Canvas dealings stopped whole. The linear slide rails were developed. Chambrelan SA then became the primary french designer and producer of telescopic slides and linear rails.

Chambrelan continues to be the sole company to style, develop and supply bearing telescopic slides and linear rails in France. For sixty years, Chambrelan has designed, developed, and provided thousands of bearing slides. Steering rails to business and instrumentation makers worldwide, because of an intensive network of agents.

 Although the Chambrelan normal vary permits the U.S. to hide most desires, some orders are custom-made to your demand.