You may be a football manager or company director or for that matter a teacher. When you get a few Custom Awards and trophies that you can distribute to your pupils, colleagues and players when they do well in a given task. The real question is whether or not you know the actual reason as to why you give awards and the kind of effect it has on their performance. We understand that the most obvious reason for someone to get an award is because they have worked really hard and may have played really well and that’s why they deserve it. This gives them a great feeling and it makes you feel good as well as a manager or a teacher.

Custom Trophies

Nevertheless, there are many complex reactions that happen in the brain that make the trophy giving experience a very crucial part in the way they build someone’s self esteem and confidence. When you reward someone for a task for accomplishing something, it provides them reinforcement which will also motivate them to do better and achieve better in the successive task. This way it has a tremendous positive impact on the individual. It can also enhance the chances of the individual believing more in himself doing much better. By awarding the person you are ingraining a positive performance in him.

It is crucial that when awards are given, it should be clearly specified, the task for which it is given and also it should be made clear, when someone receives an award, a medal or a trophy, it can have an influential effect on their performance. It will help them to improve their competence and confidence and also it will motivate them to do better. For instance, if you are managing a football team and you give a participation trophy or a medal to all participants in the team, then you are working in the direction of getting the desired effect you want on them. However, specifically giving the trophy to the best performer is also a great idea. Awards and trophies are great motivators in all situations.