Everyone wants to keep their information safe and secure buy due to increase in technology the safety to the information has decreased. There may be a chance of hacking and the information can be stolen. In order to secure your information you can send the self destruction messages so that the messages can be destructed by themselves once they have read. Most of the people are now a days using this service to secure their information. The sending self destruction messages is completely free and there are many websites which are offering this service. If you want online notes sharing without access to anyone then you can use this service to send the information. You can also secure the information by adding the password to it. The people who have the password can only access the message.

How to choose the platform to send self destruction messages?

Although the self destruction messages are very much useful to secure your information it is very much important to select the platform where you can send these messages. It is very important step to choose the platform because not all the sites offer the genuine services therefore you must be careful while choosing the website to send self destruction messages. First of all you need to check the reviews of the members who have already tried sending the self destruction messages. By checking the reviews you will get to know the quality of the website as well as you will get to know the complete idea about the services offered by the website. You have to select the website based upon your needs and you need to choose the one which is easy to use. Check whether the website is offering the time settings up to which you can view the information. You must also check their privacy policy which will help you in securing your data.