If the risk of laziness isn’t enough to motivate you, embracing the benefits of a digital Workplace can be a compelling business case. Consider the benefits of a digital workplace framework, according to Deloitte.

  1. Gain expertise. 64% of workers are likely to work outside the workplace, but choose a low-paid job.
  2. Worker productivity. Organizations with strong online social networks are 7% more productive than organizations without social networks.
  3. Worker satisfaction. Organizations that launched in-house social media tools saw a 20% increase in employee satisfaction.
  4. Hold the operator. Increased employee engagement increases employee retention by 78%.
  5. Communication and collaboration tools. Compared to “normal” tools (e.g. email), today’s employees want new communication and collaboration tools, especially instant messaging.

It is clear that applied digital science is widely used by all organizationsdigital workplace framework. Businesses today are made up of several generations of employees. At the same time, completely new workforce skills can join the labor market and achieve higher engagement, productivity and efficiency through a variety of applied sciences.

The rise of the Digital Workplace Framework represents the following aspect:

Corporate social network

Today we are witnessing a major cultural shift in the adoption of completely different business communication tools for digital workplace framework. At the hiring stage, ESN or corporate social networks rely on Weibo options, also known as corporate Twitter or Fb. According to the Sprout Social Index, 89% of entrepreneurs use Fb in their advertising and marketing models.

Social collaboration today is essential for immediate connection with corporate organizations. Particularly in medium to large organizations, some kind of ESN feature has been introduced that allows workers to chat with each other and quickly engage with each other via standalone software equivalent to Yammer or software that is part of an integrated system. Social media intranet question and answer elements.