Knowing the different types of leases can assist students in finding the correct type of accommodation for their requirements, especially when transferring from on-campus to off-campus living. Conventional and rent-by-the-bed, also known as a personal or instalment lease, according to a booklet from the Florida State Off-Campus Housing Office. A typical lease would be when roommates share a single lease and split the rent. If one of the housemates moves out, the other roommates are accountable for the other payment.

A leasing lease is one in which each signs his or her contract and is accountable for his or her bedroom as well as any communal rooms such as the kitchen, rooms for rent mongkok balcony, and living room. Even if a housemate leaves, each person is only liable for his or her rent. The most prevalent type of lease seen in student residences is rent-by-the-bed. Students can make a better-educated decision before signing if they understand the limits of this sort of lease.

According to Sylvia Sherlock

A former Texas State school attorney, one way to conceive of rent-by-the-bed contracts is to believe the lease is just no longer the entire block of flats ends just at the bedroom door. The yearly instalment contract, which would be a fixed sum the renter promises to pay over a year or whatever long the lease lasts, is more typically used in student housing complexes around the country. If the tenant breaks their lease agreement at any point, kowloon apartments for rent the landlord has the right to claim early repayment of any overdue payments.