When you’re planning on building a restaurant or coffee shop it is necessary that you have disposable supplies. This is very helpful when your customer is taking their order to go. You can use these custom disposable coffee cups to serve tea, coffee, and hot beverages. When having a coffee shop, it is hard to choose the right cup for your business. You don’t have to worry about it because you’re in the right place. You will learn important factors in choosing the right coffee cup that fits your budget and needs.

The style of the cup

Buying disposable coffee cups for your shop your main focus should be the style of the cup. You have to know the other disposable coffee cups such as Black ripple, atlas, cafe, white, and custom. You have to choose the cup that can match your brand’s image. But when you want to market your business with the use of cups it is better that you customized the cups. Once you customize the cup you can make your tagline, logo of your business, and more.

The size of the cups

You also have to consider the size of the cups when buying. There are different sizes that are available in the market such as 4oz, 12oz, 20oz, and 24oz. When you can’t decide the size of the cup it is better that you choose the size of the cup that is not too big or too small. It is advisable to have a soft run so you will know what the most used cup size is.

But when you already know the size that you will serve for your customers such as small, medium, or large. These can help you meet the customer’s size preference.

Custom Disposable Coffee Cups

The types of cups

This is an important factor whenever you have to buy cups. Today the market has a wide selection of choices that have different kinds of coffee cups.

Biodegradable or eco-friendly cups

The entire cups are lined with PLA plastic that is made out of corn. And because the cups are made out of corn it is a renewable resource that customers will like as it is eco-friendly. When you start your coffee shop use biodegradable cups to help the environment. Even though it is a small act, it can inspire other people and shops to use it as well.

Disposable cup with lids

There are disposable cups that have lids. Using this in your shop is convenient for your customers to serve their coffee and perfect for on the go. There are different lids that you can use for your cups; those are the enclosure lids and sipper lids.

The material used to mold cups

An important factor that you need to check when you start buying disposable cups is the kind of material that was used in the cups. Before buying it you have to know what kind of drinks you have to serve and check what kind of material was used. The food-grade paper can endure hot drinks for a longer time.

The price of the cups

The price is the key that you have to secure before you buy any coffee cups. Everyone wants to buy it at a cheap price but it should be of good quality. The best thing you need to do to save costs is to buy it in a bulk size. Buying it wholesale can lessen the costs and you can have good quality coffee cups.