An unsuccessful audit can have serious ramifications, including process failure, customer discontent, and regulatory noncompliance, among other outcomes. Improve the auditing skills by becoming familiar with the internationally renowned ISO 9001:2015 standard and expanding your internal auditing capabilities and this is possible with the internal auditor course. Gain confidence in the ability to design and execute a successful audit, as well as in the ability to report and take remedial action as necessary.It is not enough to just audit for compliance to be considered excellent. When a professional auditor examines the improvement projects, they look for ways in which they are providing value to the business andthe customers.

Learn about the course and training

The collection of auditor credentials equips me with the skills and information required to work as an auditor practitioner and process improvement approaches that will enable to work as an auditor professional.Having the professional auditor certification validated means one can demonstrate that he has put what is learned into practice in the business and evidence of the demonstrated expertise in auditing and auditing practices. It will also instill trust in the employers and clients that the individual is a capable audit professional.

This course will be aiming to provide participants with the knowledge and abilities necessary to conduct internal audits of quality management systemsthat arebased on ISO 9001 or an equivalent standard. Participants will be getting an understanding of how to report on the successful installation and maintenance of a quality management system.

Objectives for the course

  • Learning about the criteria and modifications for ISO 9001:2015 certification.
  • Gaining an understanding of the essential information and abilities required to perform an internal audit.
  • How to perform an internal audit in accordance with the criteria of ISO 19011:2018

The audience that you’re aiming foris the Management Representatives (MRs) Middle Managers Functional Heads along with  Quality Professionals .